Bella Vie offers a full package for the childbearing-year, including:

  • Prenatal care – Read more »
  • Advice on natural remedies
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Ordering and interpreting Lab Work
  • Resources for you and your family
  • Labor support
  • Birth services – Read more »
  • Postpartum care – Read more »
  • Up-to-date information balanced with the traditional wisdom of midwifery.

Bella Vie also offers Well Woman Care:

  • Pre-conception consultations
  • Regular Pap tests and exams
  • Breast exams
  • Birth control options

Our midwives will get to know you well during your prenatal care, and be on-call for your birth. They will be available for your urgent concerns and questions, 24 hours per day, throughout pregnancy. If a problem arises, or you think you might be starting labor, you are welcome to call at any hour; our on-call midwives are ready for your phone calls! For less urgent needs, calling or texting during daytime hours is appreciated.

The midwives of Bella Vie focus on preventative care, so that in many cases problems don’t even have a chance to start. We love for our clients to be as healthy as possible during their pregnancies, and find that more often than not, this helps them have the low-risk births they desire. 

Pregnancy has special needs, but it isn’t usually a medical emergency, therefore we treat it as a normal part of life. Our experienced midwives are educated in normal birth, and are also trained in recognizing when there are problems that need to be addressed. In some cases our midwives will recommend that you see a higher level provider or specialist, such as an Obstetrician or Perinatologist (high-risk OB), Pediatrician, or a Naturopathic Physician during any part of your care.

Prenatal Care


As a client at Bella Vie, your prenatal appointments will last approximately an hour, so that we have the opportunity to really connect and learn about your needs and desires in pregnancy and birth. Often, this extra time together leads to valuable health information and sometimes even keeps your baby safer.

During your prenatal appointments, we carefully monitor your pregnancy by taking your blood pressure and pulse, monitoring your baby’s growth, assessing fetal heart rate, and offering and/or recommending lab work. In addition, it gives us ample time to learn about you and your growing family, address any concerns you have, provide education on nutrition and herbal remedies, and offer support for your needs in pregnancy. Not only do we value this relationship with you, it also provides us with insight on how to best support you during the childbearing year.

Your extended appointments (typically about 1 hr) are scheduled as follows:

  • Every four weeks until 32 weeks gestation
  • Every two weeks from 32 through 36 weeks
  • Every week from 36 weeks through birth

It may be decided by you and your midwives that more frequent appointments are necessary if problems arise that need more attention. In our model of care, your specific midwives are always available for urgent matters by phone, and less urgent ones by text, or email as well.




Prenatal Testing and Lab Work

We believe that we can gain very valuable information about your health from lab work. We offer you all state required testing and collect most of the labs on site at Bella Vie. Ultrasounds are ordered by the midwives to the radiology clinic of your choice. More extensive lab work such as genetic screening, when indicated, will be referred to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic, typically at the Salem Hospital. 

At Bella Vie we believe you are an active participant when deciding what is right for your pregnancy and family, and will openly share information and our thoughts about testing, then look to you for decision making. 


Each of our birthing suites is beautifully decorated with the comfort and safety of the laboring mom, baby, and partner in mind. There is a queen-sized bed, perfect for snuggling together as a couple, and then as a family. We also have beds for babies, and midwives happy to soothe them while you get some needed rest after birth, if that’s what you prefer.  A large, specialized water-birth tub, approved by Waterbirth International, is featured in each birthing suite. You are welcome to use the tub for labor, birth, and relaxing in after your baby is born, as you choose. Many of the parents at Bella Vie take a healing herbal bath with their baby, drawn for them, the day after birth.

Within these comfortable surroundings, and our fantastic team of birth workers, we work diligently to help you have the safe and satisfying birth you want and deserve. Each of our midwives are highly trained professionals with safe statistics and many years of birth experience. They are educated in normal, safe birth, as well as in recognizing signs of possible concern. We keep medical equipment within easy reach, but just out of your view.

Our facility has been compared to a bed and breakfast, with exceptional birth services included! Our goal is to nurture moms, babies, and families during this amazing, intimate, and sacred time of life.

Postpartum Care


Newborn & Postpartum Care

After your birth, our midwives are immediately, carefully, and quietly assessing you and your baby. Unless it is medically necessary, we allow you ample time to get to meet your baby, knowing that bonding during these moments is of utmost importance. We always work to protect the first hour after birth and are almost always able to minimally intervene for that entire hour. The midwives will do the newborn exam in the comfort of your birth suite, often next to you in your bed within two hours of your baby’s birth. Some of the exam can even be done while your baby rests in your arms. 

We then welcome you to stay at our birth center and continue to be pampered “Bella Vie Style” for approximately 24 hours after your birth.

Newborn Screening & Breastfeeding

Bella Vie offers all routine procedures for newborns as required by the state of Oregon, including Vitamin K, eye prohylaxis treatment, metabolic newborn screening, and hearing screening. These procedures can be done while your baby is in your arms.

Postpartum Visits

Visits resume with us at the birth center for your one, three, and six week postpartum appointments, as well as for your baby’s newborn screening appointment at 2 weeks. For those who are interested, we offer birth control/family planning counseling, and well woman exams during these visits.

The O-Shot® is now available at Bella Vie

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot is a painless and highly effective, non-surgical treatment using your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is designed to:

  • Decrease & Resolve Urinary Incontinence
  • Alleviate many Vaginal Discomforts
  • Increase Vaginal Lubrication for those who have Dryness
  • Reduce Vaginal Laxity and Atrophy
  • Treat Lichen Sclerosus

The O-Shot also addresses many common sexual health concerns by :

  • Increasing Libido
  • Reducing or Eliminating Pain during Sex
  • Enhancing Sensitivity & Improving your Sexual Health
  • Encouraging more Frequent and Intense Orgasms
  • Increasing Vaginal Tone

The O-Shot  is a relatively long term solution for many intimate concerns, with benefits lasting between 12 – 18 months for most women, and has even been reported to last up to 2 years for some. Although it works for the vast majority, we can’t guarantee that it will for everyone. Most people experience significant cell regeneration changes about 3 – 4 weeks after the injections. Symptoms typically continue to improve until peak results take effect at about three months. If there isn’t a noticeable difference between 4 – 6 months, we will offer an additional free treatment at that time.

What is PRP and How Does it Work?

At your appointment, after a simple blood draw, your sample is centrifuged therefore separating it into two parts. The part of the blood that will be injected, the platelet-rich plasma, is full of powerful growth factors that remove damaged cells and replace them with healthier new ones. This encourages your body’s natural processes for new tissue growth and rejuvenates function in the area.

How is an Injection to a Sensitive Area Painless? 

Our Certified Nurse Midwife will numb the area in a 3-step progression. First using topical lidocaine gel, then ice (that you cannot feel) and last, lidocaine is injected for maximum comfort. You will experience some localized numbness for a few hours, but can proceed with your day unhindered, and go back to work or continue any other normal activity.

Does Insurance Cover Services at Bella Vie?

Insurance companies do not cover the O-Shot at this time. However, our other services –  Well-Woman Care, Menopause Midwife Support, and Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Care (Including Waterbirth at our Facility) are covered by most insurance companies. We are in-network with PacificSource, Moda, Bridgespan, United, UMR, Regence, TriCare, HealthCare Management, many Lifewise plans and more. We are always working on creating contracts with insurance companies and would love to hear from you if you’d like us to reach out to yours. As always, we will verify your specific insurance benefits so that you may know your portion, for any of our services, in advance.

Click here to listen to Desiree LeFave’s (Co-owner/Midwife) interview regarding the O-Shot and prioritizing holistic vitality:

Call Bella Vie with any questions, and/or to schedule your O-Shot at (503) 315-2229.