About Bella Vie

A Warm Welcome

Here at Bella Vie, we believe that pregnancy is a normal life occurrence, rather than an illness, and birth is a natural process, not a medical emergency. In most situations and especially with good health, preventative care, and thorough monitoring, birth can be a powerful rite of passage for you, and a safe and gentle journey for your baby.

At Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center we offer professional, full-service midwifery care for the prenatal, birth, and postpartum period.

Giving birth is one of the most memorable and intimate experiences you will ever have. This is why choosing your provider and the place where you will give birth is such an important decision.

Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center is staffed by caring, professional and knowledgeable women, who understand the needs and desires of expectant families. In our care, you will share two midwives, having the opportunity to get to know them both well during the course of your pregnancy. Your midwives understand the importance of continuity of care. One of them will be available for you 24-hours a day for any urgent questions or needs that may arise during your pregnancy and to share in your excitement when labor begins.



Families choose Bella Vie for many different reasons.

  • Privacy: you will have your own spacious birth suite to labor in
  • Comfort: your environment will feel like a home, not a hospital. You have the space to labor as you need to
  • Family rhythms: your loved ones are welcome to be at the birth center during your labor and visit you during your post partum stay
  • Continuity: you will get to know your midwifery team well during your extended prenatal appointments
  • Personalized Care: in conversations through out your pregnancy our midwives really listen to your hopes and desires for birth. With this insight, they can best meet your needs during labor
  • Extended Appointments: your extended prenatal appointments allow plenty of time to do the routine prenatal monitoring, as well as offer ample time to get your questions answered. You are also welcome to call, text, or email your midwifery team if you have urgent concerns between appointments.
  • Informed Choice: it is always our goal to provide you with updated and balanced information regarding choice in pregnancy and birth. In addition, we hope to empower you to seek further research on your own in order to make decisions that best fit your family


At Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center it is our mission is to educate, support, and empower parents to be active participants during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We believe that birth is a normal, healthy process and that both women and babies have the inherent ability to do so naturally.

Using new information and age-old wisdom, our Midwives offer clients the perfect balance of traditional comfort & modern technology.

We recognize this transition as a unique and sacred process and assist families in having the birthing experience they desire; creating an environment where you can feel secure, nurtured, and that your personal preferences are respected.

It is our commitment to support women in birthing safely with dignity and confidence.