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June Weekend Natural Birth Class

Saturday & Sunday, June 15th-16th, 1-6 p.m. at Bella Vie

If you are planning to have your baby at a birth center or at home, this class will prepare you and your partner for what to expect in labor and beyond. Comfort measures, breathing, relaxation, and visualization are all taught during the Weekend Workshop, along with the stages of labor, recognizing the signs of labor, when to go to your birthplace, labor and pushing positions, postpartum for moms, and the basics of breastfeeding. Time will be given to preparing dads/partners with practical tools to effectively support a laboring mom with confidence. For those planning to deliver at a hospital, this class will still provide you will pertinent information and many tools and techniques to use in your natural birth.

Cost is $195 and includes a full-color workbook. This class is held in Salem at Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center and is open to those delivering elsewhere, too. Register at or contact the instructor, Valerie Brewer, BBCI at or (425) 247-9062.